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Year after year, to cost of storing data gets lower and lower. Many studies show this -- here's one I picked at random.

So, Auctiva, don't you think it's time to increase the amount of free storage you get with your paid monthly subscription? Honestly, I think 2 or 3 GB is more reasonable. With the cost of storage falling, eBay encourages sellers to use more pictures -- and larger pictures -- in their listings. This is something that's long overdue for your loyal subscribers.

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Hello again,

Thank you for the feedback, it is appreciated. In regards to the Advanced Plan, the 100 listings per month is not a new limit, 100 listings has always been the offered amount. However if you are looking to sell more than that on a regular basis, we do offer the Elite Plan ($14.95 a month) which offers unlimited listings per month and 1.5GB of Image Hosting space.


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