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Hi. I've got a mac and so my upload option seems limited to the one that uploads individual images. The JAVA one that says it works for all platforms doesn't work for me for some reason.

Anyway, I've been organizing all my photos into folders but what happens is that whenever I go to upload, one of the created folders (the same one each time) appears in the "folder" field by default. If I want the images to upload to a different folder I have to manually change the "folder" field for each upload line (e.g., if I'm uploading 10 photos, I have to change it 10 times prior to uploading).

Is there any way to designate an upload folder before uploading? I can't find this option in the image management section.

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Somewhere in one of my past posts some time ago, I recommended a Default Folder for upload setting (like in Preferences) and your override suggestion (for session) on the main Image Uploader page would be helpful too. None has been added.

However, I eventually adopted use of the Drag and Drop, where I can set the folder at bottom for all the images in one pass. The Java uploader has similar feature at the top, so getting it working is your best alternative. If Java isn't working, it may be due to a browser setting or Java not correctly installed.


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