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I deleted all the images from my Auctive Image Management page, and then deleted the deleted images. What a mistake! I have two current listings on eBay that now have no images in them!

I opened the saved listings page in Auctiva and re-uploaded the deleted images to the listing page again, but the images still do not appear on eBay. The items both have bids on them and there is no way to edit the listing through eBay. Is there a way to fix this through Auctiva?
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I am so sorry to hear of your dilemma. The good news is this problem can be fixed.

First, upload the images that you need to your Auctiva.

Then, you will need to edit each listing and do the following:

In your Auctiva:
1) Locate your listing in your Saved Listings folder, make any necessary changes, add the images, and save.
2) Check the box next to your updated listing in your Saved Listings folder and click the “Get html” button.
3) Copy the html in the popup box.

4) Go to eBay, sign in, and then locate the item in your My ebay and click the "Revise Item" button.
5) Click "Edit Description", then click the "Enter your own html" tab.
6) Paste the copied html in place of what's there and save your changes. The images ought to be included once the listing has been revised.

Repeat these steps for each current listing that you need to add images to.

Hope this helps.
Thank you, mzchristy! Unfortunately one of the auctions ended before I could fix the listing, but it worked perfectly on the second item. Both items have now sold, and I realized more than expected from each one!

I also wanted to add that Auctiva has made my eBay experience very simple. I just started selling a few months ago, and I am at a 96% success rate! Thanks to Auctiva, the process of listing an item takes minutes with just a few simple clicks. Thanks, Auctiva!

And thanks, mzchristy!

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