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its always done that I find it useful. many time when you are searching for a listing you have no idea how far back to look so this feature is beneficial

one person's bug is another person's feature

please understand no system, no mater how big or small, will be error free. People program computers and we are people hence human hence errors will happen

please understand there are things here that drive me nuts but things like this are painless and as I mention to some of us beneficial

quite the contrary I am fully aware

The point I was making is that when one searches for a specific word or words a lot of the time they would like to find all the listings that match the word or words regardless of when the listing was created and or changed.. Additionally if you have sorted by date you will get the most current listings first. So that was why I said that in my opinion this is a good feature and not a problem as you state

sometimes I wonder if folks live to find fault with things
I don't respond to things like this except to say that we are all adults and as such take responsibility for our own actions

I sense you feel sides have been taken if that is so then I would look to where and when the line was drawn

bottom-line if you sort by date then it really makes no difference how many come back on a keyword search. Now if the 30, 60, 90 day option didn't work (without the keyword being used), see I was familiar with it, that is certainly a problem. I do not pretend to decide what you feel a problem is or isn't I only mentioned my take on your issue and my feature that I like. If Auctiva said that it was their intention to have it work the way it does and it wasn't an issue would you take the same tone?

Karma cures all

have a nice day
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