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I used to fist compose my eBay ad. in Microsoft WORD. When I finished the text, I would give it the various "finishing touches" [like font type, color(s), bold/un-bold, italics, ect] & then copy & paste it into the Auctiva Description box. Very often, I found that when my original WORD version is pasted into the Auctiva Description box, it turns out looking DIFFERENT, ie. my origial choice of font type, sizes, colors, etc. is not retained. I had brought this to your attention before, & one of your staff suggested using Notepad instead of WORD.

Following one of your previous advice to start composing the text of my eBy ad. in Notepad (which is, according to you, free of source-codes) instead of my usual Microsoft WORD (which does contain source-codes), & then copying & pasting it into the Description box and then using Auctiva's text tools (eg. font type, colors, bold/unbold, italics, etc) to fine-tune the final version, I tried this for the very FIRST time today & ran into 1 SERIOUS problem. Your Description box's properties do NOT appear to allow for the creation of extra vertical spacing. I need to create adequate spaces between the ends & beginnings of paragraphs to improve legibility, but the spacings I create are NOT registered when I preview the ad. [This, consequently, causes ALL the lines of text to be bunched up close to each other making legibility difficult]. I've tried this SEVERAL times (I even clicked the "Save" button a few times after the editing, BEFORE previewing the ad.), but it hasn't worked. It appears that your Description box is not very user-friendly. How can I overcome this crucial problem?

Thnak you very much.
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Thanks for taking the time to reporet this issue. Unfortunately, I just did some testing on this issue using our description editor and I was unable to replicate this problem. Each time I entered a break using the space bar, the break was accurately represented in the listing preview.

For further assistance with this matter, please file a support request regarding this issue using the appropriate link on our help page:


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