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I am copy and pasting my descriptions from word into the description box. I copy and paste two chunks of text.
The problem is I cannot create a gap between the two paragraphs, everytime i create a new line to create some space between them I will save it and come back to it having no gap the next time i load it up.
Any suggestions ??
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Hello! When I run into format issues such as this, I switch the description box to HTML (the button is right on top of the Item Description box) and manually insert paragraph breaks. It's easy to make basic changes like these even if you don't know anything about HTML codes.

Go to the place in your description where you want to start a new paragraph and enter <p>

That should bring the text following that code down to a new paragraph. Just switch back and forth between HTML and Standard to see your progress.

I'm still learning the basic codes myself, so if anyone out there has better info, feel free to correct me Wink

Good luck!
Just thought I would add that, technically, you want to have opening and closing paragraph tags. So:

<p>This is a my paragraph.</p> 

In the olden days, having only opening tags, like:

<p>Another paragraph example.
<p>Followed by this paragraph. 

was acceptable, and often enough still works today. But following current best practices, you want to have opening and closing tags.

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