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Has anyone had any problems today with not getting the description/text/html box on the auction listing form?

Syntax errors for that box?

'JavascriptVOID(O)' in any fields there-abouts?

Just curious . . . cause I'm JUST hanging out . . . waiting!
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Boy was I getting lonely here all by myself - this must surely be a 'personal problem'?

This morning - after trying to find my wayward description box ALL day yesterday . . . it came home!

Like Grandma always said - LEAVE THEM ALONE, AND THEY'LL COME HOME . . ."

Yes, a very smart woman she was, and I miss her so . . .

She also had other, equally wise sayings also - but I better not go into them here as it will surely get this post yanked - lol!

Anyway, as I scan through the topics that come through this forum I find that I am not affected at all by most of the difficulties that can go on around here, makes you wonder about things like Karma, or the fact that we DO, indeed - End up Paying Somewhere, Somehow for the things that come too easily in life . . .
And Yes - that IS a scary thought, so Pay Attention to the fact.

Well, since I am the only one with a wayward Item Description Box, and it has, once again come home - enough of this euphoria induced rambling and off to work I go . . . You do know that we eBayer's and other O/C types - WE are the ones that get paid "By The Tower and Not By The Hour", so we better not be lazy Grunts, Operators or Journeymen - So it's off to the Rightaway for me . . .

(Which is basically the same as saying -

"I'm OFF . . . and I'm leaving too".

(Yes, I'm sure there's a Journeyman out there, somewhere, who needs me to make him look good this morning!)

Everyone have an EXCELLENT Trouble Free ~Thankful for Auctiva . . . DAY! Wink
Hi, I too am having problems with the description box missing? It starts to load and then it disappears and you can't write anything in the description? It's been doing this for a couple of weeks now!!! I've tried everything including unistalling msn explorer and repairing internet explorer, all to no avail!!! I'm so frustrated and no one at auctiva or msn can seem to help. Did you end up figuing it out? Confused If so, please let me know, I would really appreciate, thanks, Leslie Eek
Have you folks tried using Mozilla Firefox as your browser yet? Thankfully I haven't had that issue, but I do know when I started using Auctiva, IE totally STUNK with this software! Soooo many quirks and I started using Firefox, and voila! Works fine now...however, I have recently started to use IE again to upload pixs in quantity and **no wammies, no wammies** (LOL) I haven't had any problems....good luck to you.

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