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Ms. Noire,

I attempted following your previous instructions about making a new Template; I don't know what happened, but the Picture was ending-up at the very bottom.

Is there any way either yourself, or another person helping, create a Template for me.

I am about to sell some Confederate States of America Banknotes on eBay. I would like to use a Template showing the CSA Flag. (despite what some people say, or believe, displaying the CSA flag is not racial)

Would it be possible to have the Auctiva staff use this Template as part of their furnished Templates for Auctiva users?

Thank you for your assistance.
Original Post
This is a fairly commom problem. I have many problems when, even after saving and updating that templaye items "jump" to the bottom of the template.

You need to go "into" the template and remove the photo html from the bottom, place it where you want it, save befooe previewing. Do not go into the view only the html section.

There are times I have to do this repeatedly to get it to update & save correctly. So many times my Headers end up at the bottom of the template on their own.

It's a glitch Auctiva needs to fix. The template management area is a pain to use. The viewing area is too small and html "jumps around" when saving.

Don't get me wrong, I love Auctiva but sometimes wonder if thay really know what is going on around them.

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