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I recently had a transaction where the bidder decided not to pay, but left me positive feedback "for my trouble." I'm working on convincing him to pay me, but in the meantime, I've had to disable my Auctiva feedback generator so that he doesn't automatically get positive feedback from me. I don't want to leave this guy feedback of any kind yet, because I don't know how the transaction is going to end. At the same time, I can't leave my Auctiva feedback off indefinitely because I need to leave feedback for all my good buyers. Is there a way for me to disable automatic feedback on this ONE transaction, and generate it as normal for the rest? I've looked under both feedback and account settings and I don't see anything like this there.
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i had simular problem with a buyer, left him neutral feedback, NOT a wise thing to do :S

i'm not aware that what you want is possible, but they could make it with filters, just like with the block option, that a certain buyer can't bid/buy on your auctions, then again, that would already rule out that that particular buyer would then buy from you, if you want to leave manual feedback, that's always possible.

they could make a sort of '' stop automatic feedback '' and then activate it again, i think that that is already possible here

activa feedback & de-active automatic feedback, look in the options.

Enable Auto Feedback: select that part for automatic feedback & unselect it for manual feedback

with selling manager pro you can select it to paypal settings...

when paypal payment has been recieved, leave feedback is 1 option

and the other is when paypal & feedback has been recieved, leave feedback

hope this helps

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