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I seem to be having a problem with the description editor. I am using Foxfire on OSX 10.2.8. About half the time when I load a saved listing the description that was there when it was saved is gone. The description box is empty. If I create a similar listing from an existing one or from a Master Profile it is almost certain the description will be missing.

If I save at this point the description is gone forever, however....

SOMETIMES I can get the description back by clicking the link for the full page editor. then if the description re-appears there I can save the new description and it shows again in the regular editing window.

SOMETIMES I can get the description back by hitting the back button then the forward button.

SOMETIMES (rarely) I can get the description back by refreshing the page repeatedly.

This is *****very annoying****** because if I edit a listing to change the price or the quantity etc. and forget to double check that the description is still there I lose it forever when I save.

Is this problem unique to my configuration? Are others suffering this problem?
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Originally posted by Auctiva Tom T.:
Are either of you seeing the text that says to "click here if you dont see anything within 60 seconds?"

If so what happens when you click that?

I do not see this text. The most reliable method of recovering from the problem seems to be this:
When you load the listing for editing and note that the description field is empty click the back button on your browser once and wait a few seconds. The page may re-load with the description restored.
But the missing titles, make no sense, when it comes to popups. Those 2 issues seem unrelated.

Now, when I check the box next to my saved auction, and click Preview, my screen simply refreshes. If I click Edit, I get your text " here if pages does not load..." Then that text goes away, and I get a blank screen. I can't click on that text, either.

I turned off Popups, within Firefox, to no avail.

I tried it just now in IE. Same behavior, except, the text " here" is hot in IE, and I can click on it. But doing so, still brings me to a blank screen.
Originally posted by Auctiva Tom T.:
Screw popups. I'm telling the programmers NO MORE POPUPS. People simply dont know how to turn off their popup blockers and I'm sick of people saying the site doesnt work.

I absolutely agree with your sentiment about popups. Using them in a site like this one is IMHO asking for trouble. I have seen machines in for repair with as many as 10 different popup blockers installed and running that the client wasn’t even aware were installed let alone know how to disable or selectively allow a site permission to pop, so to speak :-).

For the record in your attempts to resolve this problem, there are no popup blockers active on my machine. If a site uses popups in a way that offends me I simply don’t visit that site anymore it is the most powerful statement I can make.

As for the frustration you feel about people saying the site doesn’t work, what would you have them say?

Dear Sir,
Your site is great and works perfectly. Unfortunately, I am too stupid to use it. I held the picture of my product directly in front of the screen and pressed upload but nothing happened. What am I doing wrong?

Good luck.

The site works for most, most of the time. Right now the listing part doesn’t work for me because the disappearing text is too annoying to deal with but I hope the problem will be resolved soon.

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