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My picture on my listing have been disappearing for the last week. I file a case Auctiva last week and they have got back to me, but each time they tell me the same thing. I delete them. I DID NOT. So 7 emails later, now they say that the wizard software that they told us to use can delete picture when they are auto relisted with ebay!! I have about 300 listing that the picture disappear and I have to end all those listings, take new pictures, then list them all again. Is this happening to anyone else???
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Hi Lacey Classic Decor,

I'm sorry to hear that it took you such a long time to reach a conclusion on your support case. However, I'm inclined to point out that we have not recommended that sellers who have posted or relisted their items that contain Auctiva hosted images directly through the eBay website use the image deletion wizard. When you click the "Image Deletion Wizard" button on the Manage Images page, the very first page states the following:

“PLEASE NOTE: If you do not post your listings through Auctiva, we do not recommend the use of this wizard. Images in listings not posted through Auctiva will be deleted using this wizard without any warning. “

I understand you have already become aware of this information, but I would like this information to be here in case anyone else stumbles across this thread while searching for details on this topic.

I will also suggest to our developers that they adjust the messaging to make it more clear that the warning applies to items that are relisted through eBay as well as items that are posted through eBay as new listings.


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