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Yeah that's my question and I'm stickin to it.
I think that the answer is no....
Unless I use the "html" suggestion someone gave me and I haven't figured that out yet. I would really like to learn more about that.

2. On the other hand, for now I am udating the pics on ebay in the revise mode there. I add the pics I want to the ebay listing there by copying the url from the Saved Auctiva listing and pasting into the ebay add a pic field.

3. I believe I understand that there is a way to update the description, perhaps the Seller Details too by copying and pasting the html onto the ebay listing too.
Someone kindly gave me the link to the help page and Jeff or one of the big guys told me that ebay had a new format in the description I have that part figured out.

To update a descrition already on ebay, can I use the html from here, and if so do I delete what is on the ebay listing then just paste the html into the box?
I tried that sorta and it didn't work. So I know I am missing something.....and it might just be we can't do that.

4. The Seller Details are coming out fine now that I'm using standard mode, spaces are good.
Will those changes only apply to new lisings?
I still have old details on my ebay listing from before I switched and started using Seller Details.
So should I just go onto ebay and delete those, if I can find them???

5. So! in addition, is my assumption that everything I had listed on ebay before switching to Auctive is pretty much what I get?

Sorry this is long,but I can't find the answer all in one place that describes it in full for me. I am on the edge of this particular learning curve and it's all melding together.
I will go back and read the help topic in the meantime and the post where you helped me already so I can be ready. TIA

OH yea, my google toolbar spelt checker won't work on these post either... Roll Eyes
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I believe all my questions were answered in an another post. There is something about this that has me stumped....or I am blocked or afraid of doing this or that or something.
But I will figure it out....
Can we delete our own posts here if we don't want any response cause it was a dumb question? or comment! or rave!

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