I HATE the New Image Uploader! I thought something was wrong with my computer! This one is Bad and Slower! Now I have to remember what I named the file to find it instead of scrolling the list at the left! Then to do my Pictures one at a time is Slower for me and then they are Not in my listing! I have to put them in manually. Oh my Word! Whoever did this must Not List on eBay!This is why I hated the eBay uploader!
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I had thought I read that there was an automatic "sensing" of older versions of ones browser and a different version of the uploader would be sued in that case. If I am remembering currently, it appears not to be working. I am using an older version of Firefox and when I click on upload the first picture appears and no others. This same symptom happened when I tried the uploader in the Beta program. My version of FireFox is 28 and I am using Windows XP SP3. Did I misunderstand?

I found the quote about the automatic sensing

We were able to build a 2nd version of the new uploader (for people who have trouble with it) that you can also try. It will automatically load if it detects that someone is using IE 9 or older, old versions of Safari on Snowleopard, old versions of FireFox, etc. “so how can one try that uploader"

Again, I do not know why you would discontinue the old loader simply because Chrome will not support it. There are a lot of us who do not use Chrome so why not keep it around longer than April does

As we've mentioned, we will not be able to support the old Aurigma version past April due to Chrome ending support for Java. However, you can still access it via this link http://www.auctiva.com/Aurigma/8.0.49/Default.aspx until then.
I am with you. The first time I tried it it took one hour to load 75 pictures, just loaded some now it took 20 minutes to load 36 pictures. This going in and out of my pictures waiting for it to place, then going back, scrolling down to where I left off, repeating this over and over. There has to be a better way. This is not good for us ebayers. Surely you cannot leave this this way, please
Surely there has to be a better way that your picture loading will fit all browsers, you cannot leave us stuck with this downloading.

I have been with Activia over 10 years, but it is time to go, my time is important. Does anyone know of another hosting site that works better then Auctivia???
I can't drag photos from my picture folder to the Auctiva uploader. I can only move one photo then have to scroll through the whole days photos to find the next one. This is way too hard and too slow. It is the same in Firefox and Chrome. I am sure I am doing something wrong, but what?
yes they aid they were going to remove it in April. I had asked them to reconsider as folks like you and I could still have sued it in FireFox. try submitting a support request and maybe it will return. the new is working okay for me I use FF 29 it just slower

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