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Hi, she does not even have to copy them it is extremely easy to link to your imaging host without copying them.

And I have said before more than once now, if it can be displayed it can be copied.

I am not going to say how and encourage others but basically you cannot stop somone from using your images or even your listings except by getting ebay to pull them and I think you already know how difficult that is.

I have also said before that the Auctiva protection will only stop the laziest copier.

You are better off getting on with selling and providing a superior service than your image thief because it is likely she can't be bothered to do that properly either. Customer loyalty can be the deciding factor on who does best.

To have a niche market you have to have a unique item and from what I see it needs to be a talent to create art forms from base materials. Anying that requires selling goods made by someone else will always be competitive.

So you are better off being superior at supplying the goods and stop being so concerned about the image thefts, you cannot do anything cost effective about it and the Auctiva protection will not help you. Frown
Irish Gal,

All you can do is KEEP on reporting her...whether it be one time or a thousand times. I know powersellers can get away with MUCH more than the average seller because they line ebays pockets, but since you are also one yourself this fact can work in YOUR favor as well. Keep reporting her until they do something.

> And BTW--feel free to neg your NPBs, that policy doesn't go into effect til May.
I'm finally catching on to this site. Re doing some of my photo's on a new but cheap scanner.
Watermarking them on the site. I can watermark them with the scanner.

I will be having major surgery around June. I hope if I get through It I will be able to do something but ebay.

Right now I have 8 NPB. A lot of newbys on ebay starting. They can be really rude. I'm glad that at least in April feedback goes both ways.

The only thing I can think to do if someone gives me bad feedback in May is to not give them any feedback at all. Most likely I will be stopping for several weeks to recoup and hopefully when I get back Ebay will have lost so many sellers that they will have to rethink their strategy.

They compare them selves with Amazon. Amazon sellers don't pay a dime to list their items. They may lose more sellers to Amazon.
Originally posted by JeffS:
[QUOTE]Originally posted by ChooChooGuy:
So time to move on . . .

There really is no where to move on to. Not yet.

Hey guys!
A new auction site just opened up a few days ago!
I already posted this in the lounge but wanted to add that I think this site could become a success if we all gave them a try!
Listing is free so what do we have to lose??

They just opened on the 10th...or so and are preparing to go on an advertising campaign.
Owners also own Auction Boutique which has been pretty successful.
I've been a member of Auction Boutique for years and this is why I received the email about their new site.

Wazooie offers running auctions as long as 31 days which is way too long...I think...but maybe a good thing for now while the word is getting out.

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