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Im in the process of giving my ebay store a new look, so Late last night(because I couldn't wait to this morning, I started editing my store, and created a new LOGO, which I very mush like(love))



The new LOGO is a mixture of element, blended together in PAINT.NET(a free image editor), While the old I stole from a eBay store theme, and just add text within MS PAINT. If youve been to my store in the past you may note afew changes, but this one Im realy proud of
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Yes I do like you logo, however I think it's a bit scary. It looks from the logo that you might sell lots of comics and that sort of thing. I've had a peek in your store and noticed that you sell lots of different things including yoga DVD's and jewellery. I think that perhaps the image you're giving off might alienate some of your female buyers.

Also if you decide you want to continue in your black period, is there a way you can extend the black to the background in rest of your store? At the moment, it's all black at the top and white at the bottom and it looks a bit odd to me.

Just my opinion, I'm sure other people will have their opinions too.

Good luck Smile
Comics, I wonder, see i was going for the dark mysterious, but elegant sorta thing.

now that you mention it It does look scary, It sorta has a ghostly feel, Now I dont sell yoga DVDs, I sell a yoba eBook. However within the next month my store is going to phase out my listing style, as I tend to list things I will buy, and replace it with items that are suited for people of all types.

As for my background, I dont know, but I have been working on my listing template that goes with this logo
I like it, very a dark crystal lattice, just beyond the veil. You might want to reconsider the font, maybe something a little less staid and traditional... a little more in tune with the mysterious backround? Victorian? Neo-gothic? Shimmery or metallic? Not sure, but subtle and elegant...nothing campy, maybe without the exclamation marks? Just some ideas.

SuperF is right though, you might wish to consider your customer's response, and whether the logo enhances your new product line.
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