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Close..manufacturer product number. Wink

It is basically used for if you are selling new items where the number is on the original packaging/ will allow you to link and use catalog information on that item as well, if they have it.

I don't and can't really use it for my items.
If you go to eBay's help/Customer Support pages and type it in and you will get a fairly good explanation of it.

Pretty much everything you see on the listings form here is also on eBay's and eBay provides good explanations of what and why.
thanks for the help. do you think I should at least key in the "Brand"? will that help at all as far as searches go? Also, one more question if I may....when I indicate "Pre-owned", a box pop's up as if it wants me to type something in it? Should I indicate "Excellent condition" or "Good" in that box? Why is it there? It's something new, right? Thanks for any support..I appreciate it.

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