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O.k. Here is the situation I am still one of those people who uses 56k modem and to make matters worse the images a brought over to Auctiva were huge like 2800 x something. Anyway apparently I have to resize them so I can use them on Auctiva but of coarse I have no idea how to do that. Can anyone help? Is that something I can do now or does that have to be done before I bring the images over?
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You'll need an image editor. I use Microsoft Picture It (not popular but I got it for free). There are a number of free shareware programs out there as well. Just Google free image editor. Then you just format the picture to a lower resolution, you may also want to crop the image so it's smaller further reducing it's size.

Frankly, I cannot possibly fathom working on eBay with a 56k modem. Or doing anything else on the web for that matter. You are editing images to suit your needs. Most of your viewers will have high speed connections and see the lower quality of your images. I know a lot of people say to consider users who have dial up when preparing your auction listings but frankly I don't give it a moments thought.

Here are 2 excellent editors that are free for personal use.

I have been using FastStone Image Viewer since early 2006. It has been out since 2004 and is an excellent program that takes up very little memory. FastStone also has a nice instruction manual that you can download separately. It also has 3 companion programs one of which is FastStone Photo Resizer a simple resizer that allows you to do batch jobs. You can resize, crop, rename and more. Here is a link the homepage:


Another program I have used since about 2000 is IrfanView. This one first came out in 1996 and is also an excellent program. Here is a link to the homepage:


Both programs are easy to use but I find I am more likely to use FastStone a majority of the time as it appears to allow me to work faster. Since I started using FastStone I hardly ever use Paint Shop which is a program I paid for.


If you upload an image larger than 1024x768, Auctiva's uploaders will downsize it to that maximum allowable size. I find it best to downsize first on my computer; then it will upload faster.

Downsizing first also allows your pic to have a larger file size after it is uploaded, because when Auctiva downsizes the dimensions of your pic it also compresses it to a smaller file. This can sometimes result in a pic that isn't quite as sharp and detailed as you might want, especially noticable with a larger picture like 1024x768.

If you downsize to 1024x768 or smaller first, Auctive will not compress it further. Thus you can have more control over the quality of your picture when it is supersized.

Many of the free image editors give you control over compression (quality), resizing, and many handy editing effects, more than Auctiva offers. Try several and find one you like. You have more control over your photos by editing before uploading to the site.

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