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Hey Johnnyblue,

Have you tried eBay's "Sales Reports" tool? They summarize your Net eBay and PayPal fees for you, based on monthly periods.

Otherwise, you can click on "Seller Account" from your My eBay page and click on the "View Invoices" link in your account summary. There you can view invoices for all of your eBay fees and I think it archives back a year or so.

You can do the same from your PayPal account to view your Monthly statements there as well. Just click on "PayPal" account from your My eBay page and it will take you to the page on the site.

Hope this helps...Jack
Yes I know about the ebay thing,I did have the sale report plus,but I didn't access it,after march,then when I went it it was gone,I signed back up,but it has nothing there,ebay tells me that it has a glitch,I didn't realize it had to be accessed to keep it going,
so now I need to find something else.
I have the paypal,but just hate to have to go through there to dig out fee's paypal charged also,but I guess thats where I will have to go,
I bet from now on I will open that sales report every month,
Oh,it looks like shooting star is up for sale.

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