Was just wondering if anyone lists items on Ebay UK, Australia, Germany, etc. I ship a lot internationally anyhow and was wondering if listing on these site would be possible or what the cons would be.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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I haven't done it myself but am also interested in the responses.

I think everything you list on eBay.com shows up on any of the other int'l sites as long as you ship to those countries -- but they probably don't show in the same results (unless maybe the local results are few?). I think users sometimes have to click an extra link to get the int'l results.

So I guess an advantage of listing directly on one of the other sites is that it would show up in the main search results? Which could be good if you're selling something that might specifically interest Australians or Germans or whatever.

Those are some of my thoughts exactly. When I search for some my apparel, I get some mixed results. For example, the RL shirt I have up for auction right now does not show in the results for Ebay.au and there are only maybe 20-30 boys shirts listed there. But the RL dress I have does show up at the bottom of the search page because there are no other rugby dresses for sale there.

I sell quite a bit overseas and was wondering if listing directly on these sites would give me some more visibility. That and I really was thinking about it when I saw that the UK had a listing sale yesterday.

Well if I get daring enough to do it, I will let you know how it goes. Wink

That and I really was thinking about it when I saw that the UK had a listing sale yesterday.

ebay got smart and normally to qualify for the sale listing days you must have registered on that site - meaning UK sales apply only to folks that started at ebay.co.uk

Don't forget then you have to accept that countries currency = lots of extra PP fees.
If you take money orders your bank fees will be even worse!
And the conversion, etc = a PITA

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