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First, I've just done my first batch of items using a template and setup a store, and I am amazed at how well Auctiva works. The templates are very good for listings and OK for stores. I tried Auctiva once before but it was way too slow - it's pretty reasonable now. I love the resize on photos (I use lots of photos). I asked 2 questions here yesterday and got answers the same day. BRAVO, Auctiva! All this for free - what a world we live in.

BUT (of course!)... the reports obviously are very poor. Is there any system that interfaces with my eBay listings so I can get more info and reports on my listings without having to enter any listing info into the other system?

I think that makes sense. Like, can I use Turbo Lister to see all the info about all of my items without entering anything more into Turbo Lister than my ID, PW, and preferences?

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While I personally have never used Sellathon I believe it has the functions you may be looking for. If you just signed up for Auctiva's service you got a free 30 day trial to use Sellathon with it also. Give it a try and see if that is what you are looking for. Never used TL either so really have no comparison point for you at all.
Hope this does help you out! Smile
After doing a little research, I guess Turbo Lister doesn't do much tracking and reporting, I should be asking about Sales Manager (?). Or is there anything else that you like better?

I just checked out Sellathon's ViewTracker and think it looks pretty much exactly perfect. Or is it, for anyone who's used it?

I'm new to this. Some of you have been doing this a long time and have practical advice. I would love to eliminate going down dead end roads as we all have, learning what works.

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