does insurance cover the cost of shipping the item, too?

someone from columbia wants to have a $49.99 item covered by insurance when it ships. will insurance cover the cost for shipping if something happens? and if so, just one way or will it cover the cost to have it shipped back to me? and do they purchase insurance at the $49.99 price or the "next level" price (which adding the insurance would bump it up to)? please advise. thanks!
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From Auctiva:

"Shipping costs must be included in the declared value in order to be paid with claim. Handling fees and insurance fees are excluded from coverage."

So insurance does cover shipping, as long as you add the cost to the declared value.
And make sure your item is "covered" under insurance of the postage you are using. For instance, USPS will allow you to purchase insurance on anything you desire, but there are many things they will not pay you for in a claim. Like used electronics for example, are not covered. Moral of the story here...make sure you (declare)write down something they cover if you pay for insurance.

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