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Does Scrolling Gallery HURT MOBILE SALES?

I had a consulting appt with someone from eBay to give advice on how to increase sales. Of course I know he is biased & wants people to use only eBay.

He said Auctiva features could be hurting my mobile sales & how high my items appear in search results. I recently saw a report that 22% of my sales were done on a mobile device, so I know I'm getting some sales just fine.

I want to know what other Auctiva users think about this?

Auctiva Mike, feel free to share anything.

He said using the scrolling gallery can interfere with viewing on Mobile devices. He suggested I remove it, I've temporarily put it on bottom for now. Personally I love the gallery on other seller's pages. I read another thread about certain mobile devices the scrolling gallery doesn't appear anyway.

He also said that it makes it harder on a cell phone to open up a new web page to view Auctiva pics. He recommends loading pics directly to eBay. Faster upload on Mobile device & my items will appear higher in search.

I complained about in search function that my items were not showing up higher in search preference. He told me eBay uses criteria such as embedded photos (ie. url hosted pics from Auctiva)is a negative that hurts my search ranking.
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I have heard this too (too much HTML) but as of right now I don't believe it to be true...I did an experiment last week...I listed some items directly thru ebay (plain and boring) and some thru Auctiva (templates and the works). I actually had more sales with the Auctiva listings! Could be coincidence, it's impossible to tell, but these were all my best selling items. I had also heard about the scrolling gallery (which I always loved) so I DID disable that but I can honestly say it hasn't made one bit of difference. I'm enabling it again today.

I have found after all these years that most people don't read the listing anyway so they never scroll down far enough to even click to supersize a pic (I hate to say it but I'm guilty of it myself, lol). You have to always remember that we sellers know INFINITELY more about selling on ebay than the ebay reps do, take what they say with a grain of salt.

I'm not super computer literate, but I don't think Auctiva's images qualify as 'embedded'. I think he meant adding a huge pic to the body of the listing through Photobucket, or until I see REAL evidence that Auctiva templates or whatever is hurting my sales I will keep on using them.

This is all just my own opinion btw Smile
I agree with what is being said here, also. If eBay was bumping folks that use Auctiva, to the bottom of the heap, then they'd be bumping one heck of a ton of folks.

Also, realize Auctiva knows a lot more than even we do when it comes to making our listings fully happy in the eyes of the ebay sorting engine, so Auctiva will do everything possible to make the Auctiva features fully compliant.
Thank you member_8880 & Philthy Collins for taking time to share your comments.

Member_8880, your "experiments" are especially helpful. I laughed at what you said about not reading description.

My following comments are off topic from Scrolling Gallery.

My complaint to this eBay guy was why my items weren't higher in search. I'm a top seller, offer free shipping & for several items in Nov & Dec I was donating a % to giving works.

All these things are suppose to give higher placement in searches. Yet my postings were showing up lower than they should.

I checked on just a couple of listings last night with just Auctiva photos. Then deleted the auctiva hosted pics & the 12 pics that eBay gives free I uploaded from my computer. Pain in the you know what & I can't do that all the time. Smile However, I did see a change & my 2 items showed up higher.

Last night I noticed something new, eBay now says how many pictures. Just briefly checking it did seem correct about what the guy said regarding the # pictures put a listing higher in search.
Best Match is a total mystery to everyone (probably even to ebay themselves)but one thing I have noticed is the more you sell and the higher your sell-through rate, the higher placement you'll have.

A friend of mine who is also a competitor uses Auctiva without enabling the gallery photos, NO free shipping...but she is always placed highly in best match. BUT she has 3 or 4 times the amount of listings that I have, so I am guessing that is the reason. More items, more sales, higher placement.

Again, just my own observation Smile Smile

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