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Hi, I am looking for help. I purchased a domain name long ago for my Auctiva site in relation to eBay (so not an Auctiva commerce store, just a normal one with eBay), and thought everything was up to date in my account, but I just discovered that it expired and I cannot seem to get it back! Yet it says it is the default domain for my store. I saw some other mentions of similar issues not that long ago, but cannot tell how or if they were resolved. Perhaps I missed something along the way? I have also filed a support ticket. The domain name used the name of my ebay store. When I try to get it back it says it is not available, but I don't see that it is in use with anyone else, and that would be alarming because it is the name of my store on eBay. Thank you in advance for any advice or information!
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Hi killevy,

I looked into the situation with respect to the domain you filed a support case about and, unfortunately, the domain can no longer be renewed via the usual process because it expired more than 30 days ago. These domains can only be renewed through our system from 30 days before the expiration date until 30 days after the expiration date.

Our system actually does send out email notifications when an Auctiva purchase domain is about to expire that goes over the renewal options and I’m not quite sure why you may not have received one. For the time period during which the domain could be renewed, you also would have seen a red message along the top of your Auctiva account indication your domain is about to or has expired that prompts you to renew it.

At this point, the domain is being held in “redemption” status by the registrar and, when it is in that status, it can only be renewed for a much steeper fee than usual. The registrar typically holds domains in “redemeption” status for 60 or 90 days, but that holding period is not something we can control.

If you were to sign up for a free registrar account at, we could potentially transfer this “redemption” status domain to your eNom account and you would then be able to contact eNom’s customer support team to go over the option for renewing the domain out of redemption status, but that’s about all we could do for you from here.

If you would like to take us up on that offer, please follow up on your open support case with your eNom username and we can do that for you.


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