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There is in fact a code bug I've spotted in attempting to display your page. I looked at the source and a misspelling of the word script (as ript with "<sc" missing) is occurring. It displays "ript" src="">" at page top reflecting the error. It's the section of code immediately following the Metatags

Suggestion.....try another Store template and see if that works as temporary fix and alert tech support with a Support Case on the problem template.
Locate HELP link at top of any Auctiva page. The file Support Request link is at lower right on page.

Odd you have the problem on all templates you've tried. Hmmmmmm..... Confused me thinks there is more to this problem than a simple template code bug. I'm not liking the following code I see....

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

That has me more than a little concerned, as it has the look of a virus embed to run code against local port. It preceeds the fault and only replicates with your store, i.e. it won't replicate with mine or subtituting your template for my store.

I'm beginning a sweep based on AV reports with that Java script embed to operate against local port 37935. It looks like a Malware popup (Ad), but why only on your Store?????? Neither my AV or Firewall is giving me any alerts; so I'm not overly concerned, just cautious.


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