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I started out on Ebay selling personal stuff. Now I want to create a business. The questions I have are, do I create the business on Ebay or Auctiva or is it the same. Do I still need to get selling manager pro? Does Ebay still have advantages over Auctiva? I also ran accross a wholesaler named Sunrise Wholesale that will set you up with a store and domain name. Can I create a domain with them and Ebay, and can they be linked so people can go from one place to another? There are so many issues. Any imput would be thankful.
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Auctiva is just a listing enhancement, you need to inform Ebay that you are a business (this is required by law)

You don't NEED selling manager pro, I don't use it,
Selling manager standard on the other hand is free, and I find very handy for sending out mass emails (thanking people for payments etc) or marking items as dispatched.

I don't understand the question re ebay having advantages over Auctiva?
Auctiva gives you a nifty scrolling gallery, free picture hosting, free templates, and more.

I am not sure how the domain names work i'm afraid, I haven't got that far yet Smile

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