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I love 98% of my customers on eBay!! However, over the last year I've noticed eBay taking more and more seller protection away and sharp increase in problem buyers.

Just in the last month I had eBay Buyer Resolution find in favor of a buyer who returned an item without permission just because it didn't fit her (my return policy states no return on pre-owned jeans....that is why I include all measurements and multiple pictures). She flat out said I don't care about your return policy, I know I will win when I open a case against you.....and sure she did win.

I think I average about 10-15 problem buyers and 30+ late payers (average 6+ days) per month and it is costing me quite a bit of money.

So to combat this (since eBay sure ain't doing much) I used my programming skills to build A site were sellers can report problem buyers and where auctions/items are monitored automatically. Once a "known" problem buyer or late payer bids or buys an item you get a warning in your email.

Anyways, I wanted to give out 500 free accounts. Just go to and use invitation code 'earlybird' to get free account.

Hopefully this isn't spam....just a request that sellers work together against eBays seller policy
---- Mounir ****a Founder of Combating Problem Buyers
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