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If you need help, you can email me via my website. Just hit contact and the email will get to me.

The forums at ecrater are real helpful as Danielle/WAHM suggested. If you need some personal help...lemme know.

Marketing is the key to any website. Remember this. You're gonna have to put links everywhere. Your sig here, your sig on your emails, uploading to Google/MSN/Yahoo and more.

Work on blogs and links to your items. Join groups of buyers/sellers that will spread the word.

Buy a domain and forward it over to your ecrater. Make sure the name is one that will be searched out using keywords or if you think you have a strong following use your eBay ID. IF not, then work on what you think will be a strong name in searches. Work up meta tags and description tags.

Move, Move, Move!!!
Take care, Donna

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