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Just a minor glitch, will someone take a look!?

I have two of the same pictures showing in my scroll window for different listings. One pic is scrolling twice, but is wrong pic for one of the listings it is showing for! Even though my header and gallery images for the particular listing in question are right when I click through to the auctual item.

I noticed early this morning, and now it is late night ~ these items are about to end in a day, but at the same time that is the most critical time for good cross promotion. So just wondering?

5471818795 = wrong pic scrolling

5471812379 = picture that is scrolling twice

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HI Autumn,

I'm not sure why this happended, but unfortunately there is no way to change the store window image of that item. If you would prefer the item that displays the incorrect image not be displayed in your store window, you can make it hidden in your Auctiva store at Auctiva -> Store(tab) -> Edit Items. Items that are made hidden will not be displayed in your Auctiva store, nor will they be displayed in your store window the next time it refreshes, which is does about every 2 hours.


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