For those of us still on dialup connections downloads take forever these days.

Couldn't you create ala carte downloads?

I use Poster ONLY and don't need ebud, Mr. poster etc.

It would save me time and reduce the chance of a screwed up download.
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You should be able to obtain the latest updates
for Auctiva Poster simply by following the “Tools > Check for Auctiva Poster updates” menu path. If you cannot
obtain those Auctiva Poster updates, you can download the latest Auctiva Poster updates, by

Downloading the zipped file below:

Auctiva Poster update patch download

Then extracting it the location where you installed Auctiva Poster. The default location is

C:\Program files\Auctiva\Auctiva Poster folder

Be sure to close all programs prior to attempting this update.

Auctiva Support

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