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Have not worked here in a while. Last night & now none of the drop down choices, which oc are everywhere, work properly. They will flash for a milli-second but not actually open. This is a W7-64 w latest FF. Fortunately an xp3 laptop does not have this problem so I can do some work, but not optimal.
Not having issues on other sites. Something W7 or this machine I can fix?
Thnx for prompt help as always.
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Hello ukidnme$ -

We are not aware of any issues with the drop downs not being operational on the site and there are no indicators of a widespread issue with any of these and a Windows 7 system should have no difficulty with the site using a contemporary browser.

Unfortunately, as you note that this occurs for you on other sites, it seems likely to be as you have suggested and be an issue with the system in questions. Should you continue to encounter difficulty after resolving the issue with your system, please feel free to let us know in a support case which you can file from under the Help tab of the site at any time and we will be happy to look into it.

- Craig

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