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Anyone have any sucess using Drop Shippers on eBay? I'm not asking for someone to reveal their sources or anything like that. I'm just wondering if I should make the effort to try and expand my product line with some things that those folks may have available.

My personal feeling is that I'd bet that most of the market is flooded with those types of items already and that there is no money to be made messing around with them. I mean, it's not worth it to me to sell something and net fifty-cents...

Between eBay fees and PayPal fees and 10,000 other people trying to push the same merchandise I could see where the margins could get incredibly thin extremely fast...

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I agree with Donna however - if you find an item you want to sell contact the manufactor of the items, sometimes they will offer the service on a per order flat fee.

If the dropshipper is not the manufactor then you are wasting your time Wink

Oh and don't waste you money on any lists or programs. don't pay for anything until you actually purchase the product. Also most of these companies won't require a resale cert. but the manufactor will require it!

Hope this helps Smile

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