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Hello, all. In keeping with one of eBay's policies I need to update 70+ listings. My understanding is that once a listing is launched that eBay will use all of the images and policies at the original launch and never update new images or policies. Therefore, I would have to update each image or policy manually manually in eBay.

My question is: is there a way to have the information stored in Auctiva to update the listing on eBay dynamically?

I want to avoid ending and then re-launching all of the 70+ items if possible.

Be advised that I've looked within the Bulk Editor at eBay for an option but there is no direct communication with Auctiva there.
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Hello Brick Masterson -

Unfortunately any data you store in Auctiva would not update dynamically to eBay. When you post a listing to eBay via your Auctiva account, that data is sent to eBay much like when you create a listing directly on eBay. Changes you make to your information in Auctiva would not automatically update to an eBay listing.

While we do have tools available to update active listings and many of them are available in bulk for listings that are eligible for revision on eBay, there are no automatic changes that would occur on eBay by making changes to the listing data within Auctiva. Please also note that we do not have a tool that would allow you to bulk change images in eBay listings.

So, while you can make changes to active listings on eBay that are still eligible for revision via your Auctiva account, changes made to the listing data in your Auctiva account would not dynamically or automatically update the listings themselves on eBay.

- Craig
Thanks for the reply, Craig. I found a solution that is exactly as you have suggested today.

In eBay's Selling Manager I selected the 70+ items that I wanted to change. Then, I used Bulk Editor > Edit Item Description. When the next menu popped up I changed the drop down to use the "Find and Replace" function. I used this to alter the existing text to reflect eBay's new policy and remove the old one.

As a warning to people that want to follow my example: this method has to use the exact text in the "Find" section to replace.

Thanks a million.
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