Good Morning: I did not see my question in open ones so...I am setting up my first Auctiva listing. Can I use some of E-Bays tools such as shipping calculator, hit counter,a and maybe even shpping through ups asistance within my auctiva listing? Thank you all for your help
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You can use anything you want from Ebay with your Auctiva listing. One thing for example, I use Ebay checkout and send ebay invoices.
Just be sure to go into your Auctiva account under preferences and disable the things you won't be using. And also go into your Ebay seller preferences and set things up there the way you want them.
Happy listing Smile
Thank you for your fast and helpful response. I do not want to short change Auctiva any due they have coming but I want to make my use of it is professional and good looking to my customers. Being new to this community I can not believe how friendly and helpful you all are. TY in advance for all the upcoming help you will be giving me .
I wish these posts had spell check for those of us who have three fingers on one hand Smile
You are welcome Smile
When I first signed up I only used the photo service, so I could have supersized pics. Then little by little I started adding other enhancements as I became more familiar with the site. You'll do just fine (BTW I didn't even notice any spelling errors...of course my eyes aren't even open yet) Wink

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