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This came in my TAGnotes this morning from Auction Guild

Hope the link at the bottom helps to take the sting out of the eBay Ban.

My Best,

ebaY has decided that homeschoolers are no longer fully welcome on their site.
With reasons that TAG finds completely absurd, ebaY has banned texts used
extensively by people who homeschool their children. These texts are called
Teacher Editions, and ebaY has banned them because they provide the answers to
the questions in the text. If ebaY was simply trying to prevent children from buying
such texts to prevent them from "cheating", why not simply put them in a protected
category where a charge card must be used to access that category, such as that
used for "adult" material on ebaY? ebaY has had some stupid policies in the past,
but TAG thinks this one trumps them all. As with other ebaY bans, other sites will
benefit by ebaY's stupidity, and that is a good thing.
ebaY's ridiculous policy is here -
And if you are looking for an alternative for your homeschool materials, here is one
TAG came across -
eCommerce Sellers Motivators "We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? But actually, who are you NOT to be?" Marianne Williamson
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Like most any big business eBay takes the easy easy out. The only way they'll really consider this Teachers Edition thing is if they somehow saw that they stood to lose money..

What I've never understood about eBay is that it's already set up for Adults Only. You can't be a minor and get a membership unless you're committing fraud. Yet they've banned Teachers Editions, they have a separate, hard-to-find Adults Only area, etc.

I don't get why it's so necessary to "think of the children" in an Adults Only venue.
I sell quite a bit in this category, and yes, it is a problem.

Home school text is totally different from Public School text. Ebay also has a Home School category that recognizes the difference.

I, as many other's have found ways around such a problem...we just call it parent/instructor edition.

Just another hurdle that a resourceful group of seller's have jumped over...would be nice, but you can't keep a good person down; unless you are standing on their throat...wait, it seems like the bay-brother is! Wink
Well as a homeschooler I will tell you I will NOT buy any homeschooling items on ebay when I can find them elsewhere Wink

Nothing personal but I will be supporting online sellers who choose to move away from ebay. I would rather the money do directly to the families and not most of it in ebay's pocket.

Yahoo and google groups are a great place to sell/buy homeschool items!
I'm more with you on that than you might think wahm. I try to stay away from seller's who are just turning a buck, (kinda like me Eek) and will buy from the people who are just trying to fund the next course of curriculum, which it is easy to find them.

I do though, try to sell on ebay until I get alternatives up and running. Will have to look into the sites you mentioned!

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