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Does anyone know where in eBay to go to change the default Return Policy? For the life od me I can't find it now!! I indicate my return policy in my Auctiva descriptions - for some items I offer a return and for others I don't - and I have to go into eBay to revise the Return Policy listed outside the description area.

(I realize that this is an eBay question, but the folks here on Auctiva's forums are MUCH MUCH more friendly and helpful - for which I am very grateful!)

It would be great if Auctiva's Return Policy would link up with eBay's somehow...

Thanks in advance -

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Unless I'm mistaken..Ebay doesn't really implement a 'default' return policy per se'. For sellers using ebay's Sell-your-item form... the return policy specification is made available for each individual listing created (at the time of creation). With Auctiva however, using the 'checkout options' when creating listings...we have the ability to specify a return policy as well (as you probably know). I believe this so-called 'checkout option / return-policy' specifier is passed thru to ebay's internal 'listing parser' (my terminology) for each ebay listing procedure-call generated as a function of Auctiva's listing submission process. And since we have the ability to use the 'checkout-options' and 'create-similar-listing' features in Auctiva...then we have in practical effect, a mechanism for a pseudo-default return policy specification.

Since your question indicates a need for specifying a return policy differently for some items, then assuming you don't want to 'revise' posted ebay listings (or use ebay's sell-your-item form) then the change would need to be done locally with Auctiva's 'checkout-options' > 'return-policy' feature for each Auctiva listing created here prior to submission for posting on Ebay.
Hope this helps. Cool
Zebra -
Thanks for your response. I'm not currently using Auctiva's checkout process, and I double-checked to make sure that it wasn't something in my account settings. I recognize my own text in the Return Policy details, so I know it's something I've filled out somewhere in eBay before - but I just can't find it to make changes. I thought maybe it was in the Seller Account area, but I couldn't find it there...

Just in case my thought's as expressed above are too obtuse (I'm been accused of that fault before Confused )....

And with all due respect...
When using the Auctiva Listing tool, at the bottom of the page is the section "Checkout Options". Using the 'maximize' button reveals additional PayPal, Sales Tax, Payment, and Return Policy choice options. And again, unless I'm completely mistaken...stating a return-policy (click Choose-Return-Policy) at this point does not require utilization of auctiva's checkout nor even the use of a pre-defined auctiva 'checkout-details' profile. The specifications input here are passed along with each listing and don't have anything to do with auctiva-checkout. I believe this is what you seem to think is a 'configurable' return policy specification option at ebay. On the other hand... I may be out in "left-field", and offer my apology if that be the case.
zeb Cool

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