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So, ebay decided that having a Bigcrumbs sign up link and bigcrumbs info is "against their policies". They said it was "brought to there attention" and they ask that "you do not have such material on their website" and that "Should you relist such material it will lead to suspension of your account".

ebay sucks
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Doug, it wasn't the listing the pulled, but my About Me. I had a link to About Me in my listings, then a link to Bigcrumbs in my About Me.
Anyways, they sent the email saying that my About Me page was deleted. But this morning I checked, and it's still there! So I don't know whether they haven't gotten around to removing it, or if they put it back up (highly unlikely).'s a handy hint.

I have my email to show headers..and when you pull the email up it'll tell who the ISP/carrier that emailed you.

ALSO always, always check your My Messages with eBay..if it's from eBay it will be there also.

Hover your mouse over links if you want to be sure..but never click. If the hovered mouse doesn't designate eBay or Paypal...then scoot it over to spoof@ebay.

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