I haven't sold for a while, I usually sell a little about this time of year.. So, I'm new to using your site.. I got everything just the way I wanted it and ebay cancels ALL of them a few hours later.. Apparently if I take paypal, I have to take all forms of payments and because I said in the auction no credit card transactions, they booted them! Okay, so here's the problem.. I went in and edited each and everyone to not take paypal in auctiva.. got it all right and posted them all again.. Well, all went well and they are back up on ebay, but under my active listings, it's showing the canceled ones and the redone ones.. Not only that, on the previewer in ebay, it's showing the canceled listings in there too.. How do I get rid of the old ones? Any help is appreciated..
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I know.. tell me about it! I don't know why they just didn't notify me about the rules so I could have a chance to go in a change my wording.. I already had bids too! GRRR! Mad
I appreciate your help with this..I may just leave it be if it's just going to fix itself anyway. I have lots to learn, but so far I'm liking this site! Thanks again! Smile
Well.. all the duplicates are still in my store window. I went in to follow your directions.. I clicked the store tab, then the store window link, and there was wasn't a "edit items" link.. but there was a "Edit Store Window" link.. and when I clicked that one, there's no way to hide my items.. it just gives me choices of the kind of window I want and colors and things etc. Am I missing something? Ebay is showing the appropriate number.. But I'm afraid if buyers watch my autiva window and click on something to view, they will think it's gone because half of them say ebay ended the listing. Thanks for any help..
Ahhhh.. I think I know what I did wrong, but still wouldn't know how to fix it. What I did when the original ones were canceled, was I edited each one then saved. I think I was supposed to have clicked "save NEW" ... So, now when I look at my active listings, it has all of the first ones AND the edited ones. But when I look under my saved listings, they are all just the one set, the current auctions on ebay right now, I guess because I replaced the orginal ones basicially with the editing and by not choosing save new... So, I made a file called canceled auctions.. I tried to import all the cancled ones.. it tells me it did.. yet nothing is there when I look.. and they are STILL listed in the active folder. I don't see a delete button anywhere to get rid of them.. I'm sure this would fix the issue with the duplicate items in my store window too if I could just delete them.
bama - glad you got it squared away.

An FYI tip on the Paypal thing. If you still want to take Paypal but not accept credit cards, you need to either use their logo (on the Paypal site under Auction tools) that does not show the credit card logos and also uncheck the automatically insert Paypal logo or just say that you take other online payment services.

I am suprised your listings got pulled, but be happy they did. You could have gotten a few strikes against you if the sell went thru and they could not pay thru Paypal.

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