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I'm sure you guys already know about this information but if not I thought I would give you the heads up. From Tag Notes...........

ebaY is currently beta testing the new form with a few sellers, and plan
to make it available next week. The International sites will receive the
new form next month.
During the Beta and user feedback period, the existing Sell Your Item
form will continue to be the default form. After the new form becomes
the default, ebaY will allow users to link to the old form for a period
that will be based on user input and adoption. For mock ups of the 7
page form, go to

Sellers and third party service providers should note that this new
system will probably make obsolete all the current software and web
based auction management systems, including seller made templates. This
will cause all the third party management providers to do major
revisions to their programs. Be warned that the mock ups ebaY provides
rarely resemble their final products.
Original Post
Here's something about it from the Ebay Announcements today. It looks like the old form will be there for awhile so Auctiva will have time to make the necessary changes for us.

(from Ebay)
After evaluating and incorporating your feedback, Sell Your Item 2.0 will become the default. You will still be able to access the original form for a period of time after Sell Your Item 2.0 becomes the default. Since supporting two forms requires additional engineering and support resources, we will eventually remove the original form. We will notify you prior to making any additional changes to either Sell Your Item form.

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