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I was reading the shipping center news today and noticed this under their news section:

" In April 2006 the "calculate" link in search results will be replaced by the shipping rate automatically calculated based on your buyer's location"

I know that they were doing this in Ebay express but I did not know they were going to go across the board with it. Does anyone know if it has started in auctions or stores? Can a handling fee still be added to the shipping amount? I usual put a fixed rate on my clothes so I have not noticed this but just thought I would pass this along.

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That's great! Now if they could do something about the bidders who keep emailing asking for reduced shipping!!

Since they put that "discount available" link next to the shipping charge I've gotten several emails wanting to know how much I will discount the shipping if they buy. So, now I have a saved draft of an email explaining to them that this is a COMBINED SHIPPING DISCOUNT.

Anyone else frustrated by this??

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