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Who went? I know there was talk on the boards here of members going.

What was the crowd like? I have seen some video's from the classes. Rooms that used to be filled with sellers weren't even half way filled and had empty seats along with angry outbursts from sellers and more directed at eBay.

Were the numbers close to the 10,000 that is being reported by eBay?

I've read that it appeared closer to five to seven thousand.

Vendor Booths? Anything new?
Auctiva's Booth? How did it go?
Pins? Did Auctiva have pins this year? I have pins from the previous years and wanted to know what they looked like this year.

Update needed here from a perspective thats non-eBay.

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Originally posted by Auctiva Neil G.:
We actually found an auction for this year's pin.

I wasn't there myself, so couldn't say about the rest, except our booth was the best. Obviously Wink

Thanks SO much for the link on the pin.

I've been blessed to have received the Auctiva pin for the last four years even though I wasn't able to attend. (hint hint)

I'll bookmark the auction just in case.

Of course, Auctiva's booth was the best, no doubt bout it.

So got to man the Auctiva headquarters? Brave man!

I think it was an AWESOME idea to have Auctiva members man the booth along with CEO Jeff and a few others. Kudo's to whomever came up with that idea.

Warm Regards,
Originally posted by member_8880:
Hi Miss Suthrnjewl,

I was there and so was poster/responder kbalona..I posted some pictures on that huge 'poll' thread in The Lounge page 146.

Yes it seemed empty to me, I would guess attendance was WAY down. But then again, everyone was at the Auctiva booth Wink

Thanks for the pics!

I've NEVER EVER seen pics from a convention that quite looked like that. The floor being so lonely looking. Empty just doesn't seem to be the right word.

CEO Jeff? Wasn't it last year that members were sitting on the floor as there wasn't enuff room due to a huge crowd?

Glad you got to go Member and KB and bragged about our wonderful Auctiva.

I can't say enuff WONDERFUL things about Auctiva, CEO Jeff, Auctiva glad that members in good standing with knowledge of Auctiva were able to go.

Thanks again Member!!!
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Hi Donna,

(Sorry, I got sidetracked for awhile) Smile
This was my first Ebay Live, but even I thought it looked empty. That last picture was taken in the middle of the day, maybe 1PM or so...KB & I had just finished lunch.

Same thing this year, tho, with people sitting on the floor, standing in the aisles,to see the live tutorials...Honestly, everyone who gave a class was mesmerizing Wink These folks really know their stuff and will go above & beyond to help (as we know) Smile It really WAS a great experience, if it wasn't for Auctiva I wouldn't have even gone (even tho I was only 20 minutes away). Really really nice people!

EDIT-I saw an article the other day (sorry I can't find the link now) that said attendance was estimated at 5 to 6 thousand.
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