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From Ebay:
Opt-Out Preference for eBay Express
eBay Express is designed so that sellers whose items qualify will automatically get this additional exposure by default. For sellers who would rather not receive this exposure, we've added an Opt-Out preference in My eBay. Go to your Selling Preferences within My eBay to remove your listings from eBay Express. If you opt out after eBay Express launches, your listings will disappear within a few hours. Also, you can always choose to opt in again later. (Please note that it may take up to 2 weeks for your items to appear in eBay Express after you have opted back in.)

So remember to opt out if you don't want to be included. I honestly think ebay express could be a good a thing, the only concern I've had is they require to ship to uncomfirmed addresses. For me, I do this anyway and knock on wood have had no problems. BUT, after reading the following I'm a bit PO'd that they are requiring us to ship to uncomfirmed addresses to be apart of Ebay Express, YET, if someone does a charge back we're basically screwed cause we shipped to a unconfirmed address. How is this right? Roll Eyes

16. Why do you require shipping to unconfirmed address? What about Seller Protection?
Buyers used to the typical e-commerce experience often ship their purchases to multiple addresses. For example, a buyer may ship his/her purchases to a work or gift recipient address. Shipping addresses that are not the buyer’s billing address are typically unconfirmed addresses.
As eBay Express is designed to attract buyers looking for a more conventional e-commerce experience, we allow buyers to have their purchases shipped to unconfirmed addresses.
PayPal Seller Protection continues to cover all eBay Express transactions that meet the program requirements. Shipping to unconfirmed addresses will disqualify a transaction from PayPal’s Seller Protection. We recommend sellers evaluate the potential increase in sales from selling to more buyers against the risk of losing PayPal Seller Protection for some of those sales.
Tools to manage risks:
To ensure you only do business with confirmed addresses, you can remove your listings from eBay Express.
Opt-out from eBay Express using the My eBay Preference and/or
Set your PayPal account to “block payments from unconfirmed addresses”.
To decide on a sale-by-sale basis whether you will accept unconfirmed addresses,
Set your PayPal account to “Ask me before accepting payments from unconfirmed addresses”. Just like today, buyers can still leave feedback even if the select rejects the buyer’s payment.
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Requiring shipment to unconfirmed addresses makes complete sense in terms of the shopping cart experience. It'd be pretty goofy for eBay to tell buyers that only three out of the five products they've ordered can be sent to them.

But I definitely see what you're saying. I guess it remains to be seen whether the profits made through eBay Express will outweigh the potential for getting burned...
for some of my low end items (items that cost me under $15 or so) I dont mind shipping to an unconfirmed address. But there's no way I'm going to ship out an item that cost me a few hundred $ to some unconfirmed addy!

dunno if they have the opt-out link available yet or not, but off to see if it is.

edit - found it! to opt-out, go to My eBay, in the left-hand column click "Preferences" You will then find the opt-out option in the "Selling Preferences" section.
Well if you read all of Ebay and pay pal policies they offer NO protection for the seller. All ebay is concerned with is getting thier money. Thats why they want you to ship to unconfirmed addresses with Express, beacuse they don;t care about the sellers. If you ship to an unconfirmed address and the seller says he never received the item, pay pal will shut you down as soon as the buyer files a complaint. Best way is to post on your ads that you only ship to confirmed addresses thru pay pal and make sure you send it , BUYERS SIGNATURE REQUIRED.

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