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I've got 319 auctions up on express and the number grows daily.

Evidently it didn't import them all the initial day but have been importing constantly.

I figure by the end of this week or next, all 500 of my auctions will import.

Now for the stats. I'm doing fairly well with sales from express. Not too shabby!

Good Luck All,
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Originally posted by wahm922:
Glad to hear it!

Did you ask if the auctions have to FPL on another thread? I believe you did and I meant to come back and answer..

Yep..Fixed Price Listing

Suthrnjewl<---acronym challenged

I'm selling from the express. I have scoured the eBay boards to read if there are any success stories, but can't find many.

I don't know if this is gonna work or not but for me it is.

Good Luck,
Originally posted by tooninterior:
I can't differentiate if my sale is from regular ebay or express. Is there a difference in the email notification from ebay? Thanks for the help.

Yep..Danielle guinea pig tested for me so I could see the receipt.

It's very clear that it's an Express purchase. States it bold, Bold, BOLD!

Next payment I receive, I'll try (try being the operative word) to take a screen shot and post it back here. (minus the pertinent info of course <wink>Wink

Much Green Wished Your Way,
Well, I had my very first Ebay Exress sales today. The sale confirmation just said it was from store inventory - nothing about EE. It also said it was paid for. The history in PayPal showed a line underneath the payment titled "Authorization". That was my only clue.
Yahoo! A real dud so far. They still have no clue when it will go "Live" to everyone I was told yesterday.
Good luck to all.

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