I know that normally promo rates are entended to Auctiva users. Does the 2-day promo for the free upgrade to 10-day auctions apply to us? If so, when I listed it isnt reflecting the dicount, nor does it say on ebays promo detail page. C/S first said no then said yes. Anyone know for sure??? Thanks, Suzanne
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Yes, this Ebay promotion is for all users even those of us that use a third party. IT should be reflected in your seller account/invoice on Ebay. The estimated fees page here on Auctiva does not change to reflect every sale Ebay has otherwise the auctiva people would probably go nuts trying to keep up. .lol.

Just keep in mind that 10 day auctions set up today or tomorrow will end the Sunday before Labor Day or on Labor day. I am not doing because of that as I have a lot going on that weekend and don't want to worry about EBay stuff. Wink

Hope that helps!
Hi Marcia,
Thanks so much for the info plus the heads up about the weekend..I almost forgot! Agaian thanks so much for taking the time to reply.
Regards, Suzanne

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