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It has been reported quite a bit on the eBay Boards that users trying to relist or list items get a phoney message that "PayPal is required". This has apparantely been going on for about 3 weeks. I haven't listed any new items through Auctive in the last three weeks.

Has anyone using Auctive experienced this problem ?
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I think you misunderstood the glitch Smile
Folks that have PP required on their listings (like me) would have bidders trying to bid, only to find themselves blocked because they didn't have a paypal account (when in fact they did.) The message isn't phoney, the message itself is the glitch. I've since removed the PP Required option and have had no further problems. had 2 buyers contact me saying ebay are demanding a paypal account when they already have one. I know there must have been quite a few more as most will not bother sending a message and my sales were down 80% the day it happened.
I too have removed the paypal requirement from my buyers requirement but still one buyer cannot buy.
I have written to ebay and as usual they came back with 15 irrelevant questions including the exact time to the nearest minute that this happened.
I have demanded a refund for listing fees but don't really have a hope in hell of getting one.
This thread is a couple of months old, but I thought I would add my 2cents.

The problem is in the word "linked". Steven's buyer got a message that her Ebay account wasn't linked to her PP account, not that she didn'thave a PP account. This has happened to hundreds if not thousands of Ebay buyers.

Obviously, the accounts are linked in the normal sense of the word; you go on Paypal and your Ebay items won show up.

In the Land of Oz, I mean Ebay, in doing some of their famous tinkering, some Ebay accounts got unlinked but only on the Ebay side, not the Paypal side.

The fix: Go to Ebay/My Account/Addresses. Click on "View All Shipping Addresses". If you don't see your shipping address listed twice, once under Primary shipping address and again under Paypal address, then your account got "unlinked". Click on the link to add it and it should work.

If your account is already linked, you won't see a button to Add Paypal address.

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