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I have noticed a few instances before but over the past 3 days I have received almost 50 API notices that state my item was listed in the wrong category and ebay has changed the category. I checked several of the flagged items on ebay and they had indeed changed the posting categories. Most instances were for book listings where they were to be posted in "Books Fiction/Literature" but ebay changed to "Books Textbooks", "Books Nonfiction" (for a Hagar the Horrible paperback) or "Books Other". I checked the product identifiers, and everything looked good.

Just curious if anyone else is having the same issue.



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Hello LWW - 

This is not especially unusual for items submit to eBay.  If eBay's product catalog (which can, on occasion, be in error and if it is you can report that to eBay) shows your product in a category other than the one you select when you go to list, their system will change the category to the one it finds most appropriate.  Their system will make determinations regarding your product by the unique identifiers such as ISBN and then assign a category it finds most appropriate.

Based on your comment here, it sounds like there are cases for you where eBay has inappropriate information for your product and in such cases you will need to let eBay know by providing them the example of your product and they should be able to make updates on their end with that information.

 - Craig

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