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But I'll go through my old emails from eBay and see.

I decide with each sale whether or not I'm going to list or not.

I have a folder ready of items ready to go so I can make my decision whether or not to participate. eBay took away alot of my decision making with closing the backdoor to cheaper relist refund that they used to do.

Sometimes the sale floods eBay and it's just a buncha junk and I don't want to get mixed with the cramming of auctions down eBay's system.

Get your own website going. Open an ecrater that's free and list list list in those. No eBay fee's. And if you accept Googlecheckout....there's no fee's for the year 2007. Imagine, no fee's for the sale or the accepting of fee's. Plus Googlecheck out items are coming up in searches higher than eBay listings.

Good luck,

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