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I have a rating of over 12,000 feedback positive on ebay.
With all the rules on seller DSRs if you get too many low 1 or 2 ratings, which buyers are leaving without know what they are causing the seller to be being tossed off ebay. Example: I have ebay rating scores of
Item as described
4.89 0.64% (8)
4.91 0.48% (6)
Shipping time
4.96 0.00% (0)
Shipping and handling charges
4.87 0.79% (10)
A buyer feels if you make over one penny sometimes of what they think the cost of shipping is they will leave you a 1 or 2 but they leave you positive feedback, now they have a way of seller ramose without saying anything to the seller. If for some reason ebay feels like it they can toss you for these rating no matter how good a seller you are.

Or if a buyer opens dispute for any reason weather valid or not valid, you win it, you resolve it mutually with buyer happy with outcome, or ebay rules agaist buyer in seller favor it you have more the 2 of these for one year you get toss off ebay.

I would love to know what everyone is doing about these rules and how you are handling them. I have read in AuctionBytes-NewsFlash sellers with better ratings then me who are top rated sellers too at least they say so in the write ups, who have given ebay hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales and thousands of dollars in sale have been removed justly or in justly I do not know.
Now I hear that sellers are trading list with one another for blocking buyers from there blocked buyer list, for now no one wants to deal with buyers who are leaving bad ratings to sellers. I would love to hook up with some sellers who are trading list. I have some bad apples in my list too. But I am sure there are tons more out there. For I do not know who is leaving me a 1 or 2 rating. There feedback does not show who they are.

Any of your suggestions for me on how to find out how the sellers are passing around the no buyer list would be helpful for me.

If you like you can check out my auctiva store and tell me what you think of it?
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