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Haven't tried clearing cookies, cache yet but a funny thing just happened. I got an email from eBay saying that my item did not sell and I was able to access eBay through the link in the email....once. When I tried it again, I get the ol site not found; the same as when I try any of my usual links that I access eBay with.
I think I need to do a major reboot, clear cookies, cache, etc!
Sometimes when I have a crappy connection, I do the routine of rebooting my cable modem, then my router (in that order)and that often results in an immediate improvement. To really give it the 123 punch you could try shutting it all down, then rebooting modem, router, AND computer(in that order). That should really clear out some dead wood (in addition to the usual cache, cookie routine of course)
This is getting weirder.... I turned my modem/router off completely and accessed the web with my laptop through a nearby wireless connection. Same thing, I can access certain sites but not others like eBay, PayPal, and the US Post Office site.
Rebooted everything like you suggested and was able to access eBay once, (on both computers).....then back to the same old thing.
This has got to be a provider problem, (I think)! Thanks for the help.
If you are able to connect through another network, that indicates that you may not be consistently connecting through your own network. You need to make sure your computer is set up to connect only to your own router by specifying your own network as primary, so you do not access someone else's intermittently, because their signal may be unreliable. Also make sure you set up your WPA encryption code so that no one else can access your network. These configurations are done with the wireless utility on your computer. This may or may not be the cause of your problems, but just one of many possibilities.
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