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I just thought I'd enlighten people to an experience I'm still going through due to customer chargeback! Were people aware that when buyers pay through paypal which is linked to their credit card that they can rescind the sale at any point - with a 90 day limit for uk buyers and a 180 day limit to overseas buyers with no real reason for it.
I sold, nearly three months ago a specialist brooch to a specialist buyer of this type of brooch. They paid, the item was shipped and arrived and the buyer said he was pleased but didn't leave feedback. Over 3 months later, with no prior communication, he emailed to say that the brooch was fake(it isn't and he knows it!)and demanded his money back and threatened to leave bad feedback for me on Ebay ( now it was clear why he hadn't left feedback before - to hold me ransom!) However, as it was over Ebays 90 days policy feedback could not be left - of any sort.
The buyer then initiated 'chargeback' - where their credit card company demands, and gets, a full refund of their initial payment from paypal. Your paypal account is then debited or frozen to that amount.
It is my assumption that the buyer realised that he had paid too much for the item ( I started the bidding at £1 so - his choice!) and after 3 months of not being able to sell the item decided to get a full refund - courtesy of chargeback and paypal's helpfulness).
It seems overseas buyers due to existing policies can operate a sale or return policy with a 180 days(6months)rule in which do this.
As for the brooch he bought - he still has it - together with the full refund. Paypal is disputing the case for me but it seems their record of success regarding disputing chargebacks is very limited indeed.
So don't think an ebay sale is the end of it.........hold your breath for 6 months, if payment is through paypal, and then consider it well and truly sold!
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Honest Joe,
That is just terrible and a situation I was not aware could happen. Wonder if this buyer has done this before? Would PayPal tell you if he has? Since PayPal has mandated that all payments go through them, they should be responsible for solving this and refunding your money or they should force international buyers to have a credit card from PayPal. That way, they could deny the chargeback after investigating the transaction. Just my opinion! Jeanie B.

Didn't you know ebay and paypal want this info kept "Top Secret"?

Let me ask you this, "I thought Paypal was supposed to protect BOTH the seller and the buyer? There are clear winners and losers between a buyer and seller dispute. The buyers and sellers should both be the clear winners as paypal the loser yet that never happens.

Paypal just loves playing both ends against the middle and they are good at it!

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