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Petition Ebay about selling Teacher's
Manuals! Be heard!

eBay recently instituted a policy banning the sale of Teacher Edition
educational materials.
The primary reason for this policy, according to eBay, is that they
cannot tell if the person
buying the materials is a student that wishes to cheat.

As a result of this policy, eBay has cancelled many of its member's
auctions. eBay members
that are selling these Teacher Edition materials are typically
homeschool parents who are
selling complete homeschool curriculum packages (which include the
homeschool teacher
reference materials) to other homeschool parents, as well as people
selling antique educational
books from other eras.

Homeschoolers often rely on selling their used curriculum in order to
pay for the next year's
educational materials. eBay's policy makes this practice nearly
impossible on their website.

By signing this petition, you are acknowledging that you agree to the

* This eBay policy is not logical, is unfair, and should be changed to
allow legitimate homeschool
materials and educational antiquities to be sold on the eBay website.

* If it is too difficult for eBay to enforce the policy given the
allowances above, then the policy
should be eliminated altogether.

* By its very nature, this eBay policy is prejudiced against

REMEMBER: When folks can't sell teacher's manuals, they won't be
available to buy either!

To add your name to the petition to eBay, go to:

Thank you Smile
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Originally posted by Rick Bradford:
Is this the first petition? That thread at the eBay forums (wherein the idea of a petition was mentioned) started way back in February ..

This is the first I have heard of it!

Came through on my homeschool group. If its been on the ebay borads I wouldn't know I don't go there very often.

Thanks all Wink
I signed and posted my Constitutional Rights.

If "I" choose to CHEAT on my 3rd grade finals, it is my right as a Baby do so.

If eBay wants to... they will decide "What Content" they will "ALLOW" to be sold on eBay.

Maybe, if eBay decides.... They will void sales of a Dress or Make Up, because the "Parental Permission Slip" was not signed. Perhaps, they will add this to, DVD Movies and Video Games for Teen or Mature Audience. All it takes is "ONE" person with political pull to do it and MEG will Fold!!!!

Just me thoughts...... its the same as Condemnation of personal property

It is our right to submit to eBay, our views and opinions of "Censorship"
Please be aware that eBay has currently suspended all selling of Teacher's Editions for any curriculum including homeschooling material. Sellers are having their auctions pulled before and even AFTER the auctions end.

For those who have also sold their used curricula on eBay in the past, please visit the eBay Booksellers Board where this policy is listed and discussed at length:

Teacher's Edition Books

Join the Teacher's Editions and Textbooks discussion board for buyers and sellers:

Join the group Teacher's Editions for Homeschoolers

And, finally, let other sellers know so that they can make other arrangements to sell their used teacher materials.

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